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And it lives in you…

Granted a stay of execution, you have been consigned to the strange institution of Gloamrot University: a school for the eldritch arts. New to the world of Pact-sworn—individuals who have been touched by an eldritch entity from the realm beyond—you have been given only a single semester to pass the Trials at Gloamrot and prove that you can control the evil within.

Take the role of Tarot as you explore an enigmatic campus hidden in a dimension of eternal gloam. Master the eldritch arts via the ancient ritual of Kamifuda: a dueling system whereby Pact-sworn channel echoes of long dead powers dormant within arcane cards. And uncover a conspiracy, which threatens you and every other soul at Gloamrot, before it is too late.

Development Team:

Art, Game Design by Ren @reniea_art

Programming, Game Design by Angel @almoxis

Music by Jan @JanHehrComposes

Sound Design by Martin

Story, Narrative Design by Joe (myself)

Kamifuda: Card Flavor Text

Snippets of lore to supplement the existing card mechanic descriptions and further support the game's worldbuilding. 


Kamifuda: Reactive Duel/Combat Dialogue

Reactive duel dialogue comprises character interactions during combat-focused gameplay. Here are some examples for a few of the game's cast of characters. 

Kami Gif.gif

Kamifuda: Script Sample (prologue)

Script sample of Kamifuda's story. The majority of the script was written in Naninovel language/format (extension for Unity Engine). This excerpt is written in a format similar to screenplays for ease of reading. 

intro kami.gif
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